1. Latest & Greatest May 2012

    May 1, 2012 by admin

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    May Experts Corner
    Skyway Balloons, Inc.Sky High Events!
    Skyway Balloons, Inc.
    Wil LaPointe

    You needn’t stay so grounded when planning your next special event.  Go ahead and reach for the sky!  Launch your promotion or celebration with the uplifting fun of hot air balloons!
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    Nibbles CafeCatering to the Ladies
    Nibbles Cafe
    Emeline Bauder

    A unique offering, High Tea, is very popular at Nibbles Café’ for groups of 30 or less. The custom, which originated in England includes a menu of scones and clotted cream, puff pastries, tea sandwiches and quiche.  High Tea has its own specific tableware adding to the charm of the event.
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    The Travel Specialists
    by Bonnie Hedges
    There are almost as many travel agencies as there are reasons to travel. So, how do you know which is best for corporate, vacation, cruise or group travel?Read More…
    Mind Your Manners
    by Carey Sue Vega

    Have you ever found yourself at a formal social or business event and not really sure which fork is which, what was the right thing to wear, or even if it was okay to bring a guest with you? There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable. Proper etiquette is a tool anyone can and should learn….even young children.
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    Tips & Ideas


    A ‘Hot’ Gift or Event Idea

    If you’re considering a hot air balloon ride for a gift or event idea, be sure to do some research ahead of time.  Companies vary in the options they have available and how many passengers they can accommodate.  To be able to see out of the balloon, children must be over 44” tall.  Consider the fact that there are a number of steps going up to the balloon, so it may not be appropriate for some seniors or the physically challenged.  Weather is always a factor, so it’s a good idea to have a back-up date or plan.

    Wil LaPointe
    Skyway Balloons, Inc.


    Time for Dessert

    Are you looking at a guest list that’s larger than your budget? Instead of a full meal, you may want to consider a dessert reception with a few specialty beverages. The presentation on desserts can be very impressive for the same cost of a minimal buffet.
    Time your event for after dinner and treat your guests to a unique and elegant dessert
    display. It can be a wise and exciting choice in tougher economic times.

    Emeline Bauder
    Nibbles Cafe


    Rediscover Disney

    When considering destinations for your vacation, wedding, meeting or corporate incentive, don’t overlook all that Disney Vacations have to offer. Not just for kids anymore, Disney offers fabulous resorts with adults in mind and wonderful entertainment. What could be more romantic than a Cinderella wedding highlighted by evening fireworks! Companies are finding that employees and clients are inspired by Disney’s magic and imagination and appreciate the opportunity to combine meeting and family time.

    Bonnie Hedges
    Bentley Hedges Travel


    Mind Your Manners

    Manners and etiquette are always in good taste in any setting. Did you know that ladies should never wear a fashion hat after dark? It’s also important to make sure you are comfortable in proper fitting clothing. Nothing says ‘lack of self-confidence’ like “hiking up” a strapless top or gown in public. The rule is: Once you put it on, do not touch it again.” Also, if you’ll be attending an event with cultural differences, do some research before attending so as not to offend your host. And, never bring children to a formal event unless it is specifically noted on the invitation.

    Carey Sue Vega
    Etiquette Expert

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